Yet he’ll still lose by 20 percent in November 2010

Dan Sebring really thinks he has a chance of unseating Rep. Gwen Moore in 2010. Back in June, Sebring’s campaign touted a poll showing Sebring trailing Rep. Moore by only 22 measly percentage points, a poll that seems eerily similar to another poll conducted by Persistence Polling.

Earlier today, the Sebring campaign released another poll presumably showing the gap between Rep. Moore and Dan Sebring narrowing further, with Gwen Moore garnering 43% of the vote, Dan Sebring 33%, and independent candidate Samantha Carter garnering 10% of the vote, with 14% of the district remaining undecided.

However, despite the “crack polling” by the Sebring campaign, I’m going to go out on a limb and stick to my original prediction that Rep. Gwen Moore will win reelection in 2010 by 20 percentage points.


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3 thoughts on “Yet he’ll still lose by 20 percent in November 2010

  1. So why don’t you go out and hire a polling company to sample the district? You say crack polling. What kind of immature moron are you? If you doubt something then refute it with facts not insults.

    1. Hi George!

      Thanks for reading!

      It’s unfortunate you don’t appreciate my sense of humor, but I do appreciate what you’ve added to the dialogue here!

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