2 Reports Support Change – Repeal DADT & Lack of Insurance = Deaths

Do you think President Obama has taken on more than he can handle?


Two reports support the need for change on two issues – one the much discussed implications of lack of health insurance and the other the need to eliminate Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. The first report is the peer reviewed study conducted at Harvard University and published in the American Journal of Public Health that Rep Grayson was referring to in his recent attack on the party of no and do nothingism. You can read the study here.  The study concludes with the statement “Lack of health insurance is associated with as many as 44,789 deaths per year in the United States.”  For the party of “life” from egg to embryo to death panels, to not recognize that their philosophy actually contributes to mortality is absolutely ludicrous.

The other report is in the Joint Force Quarterly which according to their website “is published for the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, by the Institute of National Strategic Studies, National Defense University, to promote understanding of the integrated employment of land, sea, air, space and special operation forces.”   This report about Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, the ridiculous ban on gays and lesbians serving openly in the military, concludes with this statement “Based on this research, it is not time for the administration to reexamine the issue; rather, it is time for the administration to examine how to implement the repeal of the ban.”   The report by Om Prakash won the 2009 Secretary of Defense National Security Essay Competition.   As the report states “Homosexual Servicemembers have had to compromise their integrity by keeping their sexuality secret.”  This is something that needs to end and soon and the military is giving Obama and Congress the political cover to do so ASAP.


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  1. I have posted on my blog several times why Obama can and needs to repeal “Don’t ask, don’t tell” NOW. We are losing men and women in the armed forces we need dearly right now for no good reason. If the president signed an executive order right now, it would be a big deal on cable news for about a week and then we would never hear about it again because in the military, it wouldn’t be a big deal.

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