An interview with Kevin Fech

Last week, I had an opportunity to sit down and chat with Kevin Fech, one of a number of individuals running to become Cudahy’s next mayor. During our conversation, we touched on a number of topics, including his personal background and qualifications, the personal strengths he’d bring to the table as mayor, as well as how he’d handle some of the challenges facing the City of Cudahy in the near future.

The first question I asked Kevin was why he chose to run for mayor, and his response was straight to the point: he got tired of waiting for someone else to solve the problems Cudahy is facing. Kevin described himself as a problem solver, stating that anyone can identify a problem, but not anyone can find solutions to those problems. In discussing how he’d tackle the problems facing Cudahy, Kevin cited his professional experience as a “problem solver,” as well as his willingness to sit down with citizens from all walks of life to find the best solutions to the challenges facing the city of Cudahy. Kevin also mentioned that he’s put down roots in Cudahy, and he wants to make the community a better place to live so that his children will want to put down roots in Cudahy.

Among the challenges Kevin felt needed to be addressed by the next mayor is restoring a sense of civic pride in Cudahy’s citizens. Kevin made it clear he’s proud to be a resident of Cudahy, while stating he’d like to see more residents take pride in their community. Kevin cited Milwaukee’s “Candy Cane Lane” as an example of how residents can come together and take pride in their community, and he added that if elected mayor, he’d work to find ways to instill a sense of pride in Cudahy’s residents.

Another challenge Kevin mentioned was finding common ground for residents whose views may vary greatly, depending on the issue being discussed. Kevin noted he’s a political moderate, and that as a moderate he believes there has to be a way to the common ground that will bring individuals from both ends of the political spectrum together for the betterment of Cudahy. Kevin noted he believes despite whatever ideological differences they may have, Cudahy’s residents do share a common goal of making Cudahy a better place to live, work, and raise a family – they just differ on how best to accomplish their common goal. To that end, Kevin noted he believes in “achievement through collaboration.”

When I asked Kevin why he felt he was the best candidate to serve as Cudahy’s next mayor, he cited his personal background as something that set himself apart from the other candidates in the race. Kevin noted he’s traveled extensively , and that during those travels he’s had an opportunity to talk to folks from all walks of life, from blue collar dock workers to the CEO of a company, and he noted he’s equally comfortable talking to the white collar CEO or the blue collar dock worker. Kevin also cited his experience as a leader within non-profit organizations as giving him a unique experience that the other candidates for mayor may not have. However, what stood out as Kevin and I talked is a comment he made that he isn’t set in his ways, and that as mayor, he would never forget that being mayor isn’t about what he wants; it’s about what the residents of Cudahy want.

As I interviewed Kevin Fech, it was plain to see he wasn’t afraid to pull any punches and speak what was on his mind. What’s more, he struck me as having a genuine desire to bring the residents of Cudahy together for the common good of the community. One thing is pretty clear about Kevin Fech – he cares deeply about making Cudahy a better place to live, work, and raise a family, and if elected mayor I believe he wouldn’t stop working until he did just that.


  • NAME: Kevin Fech
  • AGE: 46
  • ADDRESS: 3735 E. Plankinton Avenue
  • EDUCATION: Graduate of Indiana University, Gary campus in 1987 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.
  • OCCUPATION: Employed in the transportation field for almost 25 years
  • FAMILY: Married 13 years, 3 kids at Lincoln Elementary (2 in 5th grade, 1 in 2nd grade)
  • COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Active with the Cudahy/St. Francis Little Baseball Association (coaches daughter’s softball team and youngest son’s baseball team). Past Board President with the Down Syndrome Association of Wisconsin as well as Treasurer, and currently serving on the Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities.
  • CONTACT INFO: Phone (414) 483-3176 Email:

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4 thoughts on “An interview with Kevin Fech

  1. Zach, your interview and post sounds just like Randy’s post on cudahynow done much earlier, but a cheap imitation that sounds like a summary of Randy’s post. I will let your readers decide for themselves.

    I am a close friend of Randy’s and it is just ashamed you again fail to do your own work. I have a screen shoot so don’t now change it.

    Jay Weber, another close friend of Randy and mine pointed that out to you once.

    I had respect for you in the past long ago, but just don’t see that when you copy someone else’s work. Since you sat down with Kevin and had already read Randy’s interview with him, you could have picked good questions. But you didn’t.

    Copy & paste without a H/T!

    1. Steve, I have no need (or desire) to copy anything Randy Hollenbeck writes, and I really don’t care what you think. I asked Kevin Fech the questions I wanted to ask and that I felt were pertinent to Cudahy and the upcoming mayoral election, and that’s the information I’ve conveyed in this entry.

      Thanks for visiting!

  2. Excuse me, “Candy Cane Lane” is in West Allis NOT Milwaukee. West Allis and Cudahy have the same inner tier suburban status which presents unique development and quality of life problems. Our mayor Dan Devine is very attuned to these issues. First order of business is to read “Halfway to Everywhere: A Portrait of America’s First-Tier Suburbs” by William Hudnut. Good Luck Mr. Fech!

    1. mWAr, I was just relaying the information as was discussed between Kevin and I, though you are certainly correct that Candy Cane Lane is actually in West Allis.

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