Breaking: Walker thugs assault union member

I’m just getting a report that thuggish supporters of Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker assaulted a union member who showed up to demonstrate outside the Americans For Prosperity-sponsored event.

Earlier this evening, supporters of Scott Walker Tweeted that a Walker supporter was assaulted by union members, but it turns out the victim of the assault was actually a union member who dared exercise her First Amendment right to freedom of speech.

Here’s a first-hand account of what happened, from someone who was there and witnessed the assault:

There were 2 seperate men and about 7 victims of their shoving during the protest. The number who had their ear screamed directly into as load as the other man could was never touched or spoken to. They had no reason other than they felt like it. 1 of those victims was my granddaughter. When the guy screamed directly in her ear she said “stop!” and… Read More put her hand over her ear. That’s it. One word and he reached over and shoved her as hard as he could. Had it not been for the guy next to her she would have hit the ground hard. The woman on channel 6 walked toward him and asked if there was a problem? He put both hands on her chest and shoved her. When her husband asked what he thought he was doing, he flung him into the bushes. In my book that makes them thugs and thugs the police are looking for on assault complaints. Just for the record my granddaughter’s ear is still ringing!

EDIT: Here’s some video of the incident, courtesy of Fox 6 News:



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11 thoughts on “Breaking: Walker thugs assault union member

  1. The video on Fox6Milwaukee makes it pretty clear that this guy was a total jag. I wonder if the pro-Walker backers will correct their posts now.

    1. The bloggers who lied about the protesters getting violent probably won’t correct their posts/comments because they aren’t interested in reporting the truth. You should know that by now.

  2. Not excusing the a-hole who pushed women around, but having been assaulted by lefty thugs numerous times myself, it’s pretty rare for a conservative to push first. Rare. Very. And no, I am not a “conservative”.

    And I have also seen them drive people to push them then scream rat.

    1. And no, I am not a “conservative”

      Says the person who contributes to the blogs, “HonestConservative” and “Screw Liberals.”

      Care to try again?

  3. Unless they are physically provoked, there is no excuse to put one’s hands on another person, regardless of side they are on.

  4. Hmmm. Where were the police to arrest this man who assaulted the two protester…one of them being a woman. At the tea party rally they were on hand (in large numbers) to tackle a lone man who was being chased and taunted by the rally goers. And…then after all the commotion they (cops) apparently didn’t charge him with a crime…even though it was reported by the (lying) conservative bloggers the lone man assaulted a minor/woman.

    Well…at least this time there actually is a video of the idiot man assaulting a woman. What a tough guy…hey?? He’s just damn lucky I wasn’t the woman he pushed…it would have been on. I’m so sick of these ugly old men thinking they can push people/women around. I can’t wait to see who this idiot is…I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before he is identified. I’m sure his family will be so proud of him.

    Scott Walker has to be desperate to allow himself to be represented by such losers.

  5. The “big man”/aggressor/Walker-thug/supporter who shoved the woman who was doing nothing wrong was arrested today. Good.

    According to the news…the coward didn’t come forward himself…someone recognized him and called the police. Not surprising…what more can anyone expect from a Walker-thug/supporter who shoves a woman.

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