Feingold statement on nation’s record deficit

On Saturday Sen. Russ Feingold issued a statement regarding our nation’s budget deficit:

“Americans are right to be concerned that their children and grandchildren will be left to shoulder a huge financial burden. The record deficit facing our country requires serious action, including curbing wasteful spending. That is why I am introducing major legislation next week that takes a comprehensive approach to cutting wasteful spending and puts in place reforms to control spending in the future.”

Next week Sen. Feingold, a member of the Senate Budget Committee, will introduce the Control Spending Now Act – legislation made up of more than forty individual proposals that would cut the deficit by more than one half trillion dollars. During his time as Wisconsin’s U.S. Senator, Sen. Feingold has been a leading proponent of PAYGO, or Pay As You Go, which means that any new entitlement spending or tax cuts must be paid for so that the budget deficit is not increased.


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