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Back in March, I wrote about Governor Jim Doyle’s flip-flop on AB 138, which would return control over the appointment of the Secretary of the Wisconsin DNR to a seven-member Natural Resources Board, instead of leaving the appointment of that position to the governor. For many years, the Secretary of the DNR had been appointed by the Natural Resources Board, until appointment power was granted to the governor during former Governor Tommy Thompson’s term in office. As Attorney General (and later a gubernatorial candidate) Jim Doyle had supported giving back the authority to to appoint the Secretary of the DNR to the Natural Resources Board; however as governor Jim Doyle has flip-flopped, with Doyle now supporting keeping the current system in place.

The Wisconsin State Journal raises an interesting point regarding the money trail surrounding AB 138, namely the fact that a lot of money has been given to Gov. Doyle by proponents of keeping the current system in place:

A recent Wisconsin Democracy Campaign analysis showed donors from groups lobbying against the DNR secretary bill have contributed more than $4.14 million to Doyle since 2003 – compared to $17,175 from members of groups supporting the bill.

$4.14 million sure is a lot of money, and it’s just unfortunate (and more than a little disappointing) that Gov. Doyle has changed his position on this issue.


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2 thoughts on “Follow the money

  1. It’s exactly consistent with his entire term as governor. He is just not a man of principle – his position changes depending on what’s in it for him. The list of issues like this is a long one.

    The funny thing is, I actually think he was a good Attorney General for Wisconsin. But he went from someone who defended the citizens of the state to someone who used them to pursue his own purpose. From using his knowledge of the law to protect & serve to using it to continually push the envelope of what is legal and squirm out of bad behavior with no regard for what is moral, just and right.

    1. As I said, there’s a lot that Gov. Doyle has done that I’m not exactly fond of, and this is just another example of what I’m talking about.

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