Forbes – Milwaukee Metro Area Second Safest Large Metro

Forbes recently released a list of what it calls America’s Safest Cities. Kudos to Milwauke and to Doyle, Barrett, Flynn, Clark and yes even Walker, for winning the #2 spot among the 40 largest metropolitan areas in the country.  The rankings are based on an aggregation of violent crime, workplace fatalities, fatal crashes and natural disasters.

BTW the number one metro was our neighbor to the north – Minneapolis/St. Paul

Now if we could only do something about the weather.


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4 thoughts on “Forbes – Milwaukee Metro Area Second Safest Large Metro

  1. Well, maybe it’s the weather that helps keep us safe. I mean, really, who wants to go traipsing through the snow in -40 wind chill to kill somebody?
    Or not.

  2. Actually, I’ve traipsed through thick snow many a night to kill that special someone.

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