George W. Bush, motivational speaker

It’s true….former President George W. Bush has found his post-presidency career, and he’s going to be a motivational speaker!

Personally, I think Dubbya will be about as effective (or credible) as a motivational speaker as this guy:

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I can see it now…

“Thank y’all….I’m George W. Bush, and today I’m going to motivate you all to be as successful as I was as president.”

or will he be more like this guy:


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1 thought on “George W. Bush, motivational speaker

  1. Bush can be a great motivational speaker. As the press has quoted me. Due to my professional expertise as a speaker/memory expert, bush has a few imperfections and needs help to overcome is negative popularity . . . he’s Not Damaged Goods.

    His leadership and knowledge as the former Prez of the US – gives him the right and credibility to speak to all ages about topics he’s familiar with.

    Some of his weaknesses need to be addressed by himself with Brutal Honesty and learn from past mistakes how to “Joke” and accept the reality of life mistake. After all we’re just human.

    I would love to give him my advice and coatching tips to make him not only a good speaker, but a man who can motivate the world into being More Than They Can Be!

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