Governor Leinenkugel?

As Tony Galli of the Inside Scoop blog notes, current Wisconsin Department of Commerce Secretary Dick Leinenkugel has been approached about becoming a gubernatorial candidate:

Sources tell Inside Scoop Leinenkugel has increasingly been approached to consider the upcoming governor’s race. They say Leinenkugel’s intial, polite deflection of the flattering prospect has transformed into subtle consideration of the idea.

The Leinenkugel name is a statewide brand, thanks to the beer of the same name’s history and growth in popularity. Supporters say Leinenkugel has other campaign prerequisites: the ability to raise campaign cash; slightly older children and a family potentially receptive to such a career decision; distinction not only as a businessman, but as a former officer in the Marine Corps; and people skills easily transferable to the stump.

I think it’s clear I’m not a huge fan of Lt. Governor Barb Lawton, and barring entry into the gubernatorial race by Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, I’ll certainly be hoping another candidate jumps into the race.


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5 thoughts on “Governor Leinenkugel?

  1. Awesome. We know what Wisconsin product Governor Leinenkugel would put up in any friendly sports wagers with other states’ governors. Can we look forward to some special seasonal brews from Leinies next year? Maybe “Forward Lager” or “Octoberfest Surprise”?

  2. Of course then there’s the whole argument for the state to finally get serious about drunk driving & alcohol abuse…with the prospect of Governor Leinenkugel. 🙂

  3. But you know what, Locke? Leinenkugel might be the person who can take on the binge drinking/drunk driving culture in Wisconsin better than anyone else, if he chose to. It would be sort of a Nixon goes to China moment.

    1. Maybe – I honest don’t know enough about the gentleman to have any idea what he would do or could do. I know he’s very green in politics, having never won an election & only having been appointed to office a year ago. I don’t know that that should disqualify him – an argument could be made that an outsider with a fresh perspective could be what Madison needs. That said, I think our state legislature has been dysfunctional for some time and in addition to firm leadership, a good understanding of how those bozos operate would be good.

      Of course, I’m sure Zach doesn’t like him. Because pretty much all the things he’s been railing against for Terrence Wall – namely that he’s never won an election & been getting by on family money – would apply to Leinenkugel as well. Or maybe it’s totally different because…?

      1. Nah, I rail against T. Wall because he’s fun to write about. I had a heck of a good time putting together that Greenway Acres video, and T. Wall has left quite a bit more to write about.

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