In Brief: 2010 election musings

  • After some speculation that he was interested in running, State Rep. Brett Davis (R-Oregon) has registered as a candidate for Lieutenant Governor. As a moderate Republican (hard to believe there is still such a thing), Davis might have a hard time gaining support from a Republican establishment that seems to have veered far to the right.
  • Unrelated to Rep. Davis’ Lt. Governor candidacy, it’s worth noting a challenger has emerged for the State Senate seat currently held by State Sen. Russ Decker, and that challenger is Jimmy Boy Edming of Glen Fora, Wisconsin. I mention this race not out of any particular interest in the parties involved, but because I think Jimmy Boy Edming has a great name.
  • And finally, there’s still no Democratic challenger for Rep. Mark Honadel in the 21st Assembly District. Rep. Honadel does have a Republican challenger in the form of Jason Komorowski, but no Democrats have registered as candidates for the 21st Assembly seat. I can’t help but wonder why it’s been so difficult for Democrats to find a challenger to Rep. Honadel, because with the exception of 2008, he’s been unopposed.

    I know there are Democrats on the South Shore, so why are they so unwilling to challenge Mark Honadel?


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