Why didn’t Wall mention his dad’s money?

Terrence Wall is officially a candidate for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Sen. Russ Feingold, and if you read the press release Wall’s campaign issued announcing his candidacy, you’d think Terrence Wall was a regular rags-to-riches story (emphasis mine):

Wall got his start during the real estate recession of 1989 when there were no real estate jobs available – so he went out and started his own business. His first acquisition was a run-down 48-unit apartment complex that a bank sold him after foreclosure, providing Wall with 100% financing since he had no money. Wall spent the next few years cleaning, fixing and improving the property using ‘sweat equity’. He boot-strapped his way to success through hard work and risk taking.

Curiously absent from Wall’s press release was any mention of the fact that he grew up the son of John Wall, the owner of DEMCO Library Supplies, the world’s largest library-supply company, or the fact that his father’s willingness to guarantee loans and family investments in T. Wall Properties was at least partially responsible for his rapid rise in the local real estate development scene. I suppose that little bit doesn’t fit with Terrence Wall’s rags-to-riches narrative, so I suppose it’s not surprising he neglected to mention it in his press release.


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15 thoughts on “Why didn’t Wall mention his dad’s money?

    1. E, I didn’t realize a Kennedy was running for the U.S. Senate in Wisconsin.

      However, I look forward to T. Wall reconciling his uplifting story of rising above his hardscrabble upbringing with the reality that he grew up the privileged offspring of a wealthy man.

  1. I guess I would like to know if it’s wrong to grow up in a family that worked hard to achieve financial security. That’s the American dream and it would seem the Wall family was willing to work for it and earned it. What’s your problem with success???? Personally I would like to have a senator who was brought up in an environment that stressed hard work. If this is all you can bring to the debate about Wall’s qualifications then maybe you should try a different subject.

        1. Locke, I’ve never been terribly impressed with Sen. Kohl. He may be a Democrat, but I don’t see a heck of a lot of good stuff coming out of his office.

  2. BTW…. Remember your comment about Kennedy next time you get a notion of blaming GWB for something…. GWB is no longer president;-)

    1. E, we’re not talking about the Kennedy’s nor are we talking about GWB. Try to stay on topic and tell me why T. Wall’s trying to paint himself as something he’s not.

      1. We are talking about where T.Wall got his money. We are talking about a well to do man running for federal office. Kennedy was a well to do man who held public office and did it riding the coat tales of his families money. You don’t seem to have a problem with that. You seem to have a problem with a man with an “R” behind his name having money and running for federal office. I just want to know why. I’m asking you to compare the 2….. It would seem T. Wall had help from his family but it also looks like he had a hand in it as well and has increased his financial security without relying on Daddies money for his whole life. What’s wrong with that?

        1. E, I wasn’t around when John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, or Ted Kennedy first ran for the senate, but thanks for trying to tell me how I felt when they did that.

  3. T Wall has some real bad timing! People in this state and in this country don’t think much of people who make money from developing real estate. If I was Russ I would make sure people know how Wall makes his living, he would be dead in the water.

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