Florida’s Tea Party

The Tea Party is coming to Florida in 2010, and they’re promising to run candidates against Democrats and Republicans in state and national races:

“The current system has become mired in the sludge of special interest money that seeks to control the leadership of both parties. It’s time for real change,” says Orlando lawyer Frederic O’Neal, the new party’s chairman, who couldn’t be reached immediately by phone, in a press release.

A spokeswoman for the Florida Secretary of State, Jennifer Davis, said the party had registered in August, and that its qualified candidates will appear on the ballot in the state.

O’Neal compared his party’s role to that of the Conservative Party in New York’s 23rd District. Florida, however, lacks the “fusion” rules that has allowed third parties in New York to amass influence by offering their ballot line to acceptable major-party candidates.

Personally, I think the Tea Party is a great idea, because a far, far-right alternative to the already far-right trending GOP is certain to divide the conservative vote, which could be a boon for Democrats in Florida.


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8 thoughts on “Florida’s Tea Party

  1. Í’ve sent in my change of party to the Levy County supervisor of elections and I am also going to pay the qualifing fee to be a candidate in the Florida 2010 United States Senate Election as the Independent One. I will be listed as being a member of the new TEA Party of Florida. Please, Pass the Wörd” Respectfully, George Anthony Lovenguth Lawlor (Jorge)

  2. George Lovenguth (Jorge) link says, as a new member of the florifa tea party, I will be on the ballot on the Florida 2010 ballot for United States Senator as the Independent One. We have discussed and then discarded one after another the comparison of campaign finance to potlatch, central planning economies, the television media, gifts and charity.

    What we have been doing is trying to find an analog. We [Tea Party] have been analyzing different economic events that all have one thing in common. [Which is?] In all of these examples something is given without any expectation of recompense.

    If that is contrary to enlightened self interest, then we may be beyond the realm of what is classically called “economics.” [American society is way beyond] Or it may be that a new field is opening to economics, to a new kind of economics. [Give this new economics a name] Or it maybe we are examining facts that cannot be approached in terms of the rationality of markets. [Very true] We may have stumbled into sociology or anthropology or political science. [or simply a form of madness] and [American society has been changed by fear, drugs, and loss of purpose] And yet, perhaps there is one example where money is given and no service is expected in exchange, but where a service is intimated though not guaranteed.

    If there were one such exchange, then perhaps the door would be open to discuss the economy of politics (lobbying), of opinion-to include spirituality (media), and of all manner of “human” behaviors. What we are looking for is the Epsilon between giving outright and charging for it. [The world is a huge flea market]

    The market for politicians really is like a strip club. [Yes, but more like a ***** house] [In a strip club there may be one, two, three strippers. In politics there are thousands who work the offices from the executive downward. In the congress we have 475 members and their staff, in the senate there 100 and their staff. It’s really one big red light district in DC] the men and women and others who go to strip clubs give money, and all parties know that though the show is sexual it is not sex.

    Still, no patron can hope to get a lap dance unless tips come forth. And only once she’s been in the champagne room does she know what she’s paying for exactly. Paying, in this sense, is not for a service but for the possibility of a future service, should all parties be willing. No politician is so brash as to openly sell their votes to corporations, but no corporation is likely to give money to a political campaign without the hope that there is something more to be had in the back room.

    The money tipped to a stripper is the clearest way that we can make an accurate analogy [good **** – orgy yet the politicians and their staff are the whores and the lobbyist is the Johns] is the whores to the way politicians finance their campaigns. [Example: since e 1994 the growth of the private prison industry grew due to prison corps lobbying state senators in economically depressed areas (same time as BRAC began) many of the depressed areas welcomed the new private prisons (all listed on Wall street) for the employment the facilities would offer.

    A search of all state senators’ campaign contributions indicates huge donations from this lobbyist and all in the name of “law enforcement”. Florida led the way and last year the state senate voted to remove all accountability of the private prisons. The forces at work have caused American downfall to enhance their prison building and the economic fall set the stage for crime events which caused the judges to incarcerate millions into these private facilities. This is so deep I could write a book on it.

    Point is: Most politicians from mayor up to the president take huge donations from banks, insurance companies, private prison industry, (construction firms who build the prisons). This is the new America. The big boys all speak the words of freedom and saving the children but in actuality they have set the stage to keep children ignorant, and the state senates nationwide have taken away many freedoms. Fear rules the day with people being distracted by businessman wars.

    What began in 1994 has continued up through today and America is really becoming a third world society.] Since 1994 the main college degree to be earned is “criminal justice”” Why do you think that is?
    Politicians are not supposed to take cash in exchange for their votes. They have 537’s to take it for them now. Strippers are not supposed to offer sex in exchange for money. “But they do, every single day.”

    The cynics will say, but only the ***** and her john will ever really know. Is anyone really surprised to find out that Gov Rod Blagojevich gets caught “obtaining campaign contributions in exchange for other official actions” (Chicago Tribune December 9, 2008).

    What have politicians got that might attract money? [The vote to give the private prison owners whatever they want} Or would we like to live in a country where only the independently wealthy can run for office (on their buck)? As things stand, we already live in a country where only the communally wealthy can hold office. Anyone can run and win, so long as they have very wealthy friends. This is an oligopoly of the wealthy, but at the same time we must ask: who has the power? [Only a few international families] Surely success as a stripper is not predicated on the fulfillment of sexual favors, though perhaps on the suggestion of them.

    A striper can always say no. A stripper makes money flirting, but she can actually lose by giving more. There are laws against that sort of thing. There are mainly two kinds of limits to these behaviors that are analogous. [It’s only a crime if one gets caught] Both a stripper and a politician have, to some extent or another, a kind of internalized prohibition, to the extent that all people rose amongst other people must have some kind of relation to social moors.

    They both feel the disapprobation of the mob, and some can even exhibit self control. Perhaps even the majority of strippers are not prostitutes. There are laws against it anyway. There is perhaps [definitely] a sizable minority who skirt the law to lesser or greater degrees. There may be a slippery slope. It is possible that this kind of tendency, or drift, could even be described mathematically, if only the polling were not such a sensitive issue. [polls are rigged to influence the masses; human nature follow the perceived winner] and yes math and statistic can prove most anything but no one has the brain ability anymore to read and understand the numbers. Studies have shown that since the internet the human brain has been altered.

    Those at the top are playing into this mass hypnotic control variable. America, England and Australia are the leaders in the private prison industry. They have now begun to take over the public school systems and this completes their cycle of total control. By keeping the young ignorant, and by keeping Americans out of work, crime will occur and those caught will be incarcerated into the private prisons which are listed on the stock exchange and provide very good dividends to the owners who created and run this whole friggin business model.

    This is their money maker and this is why over 4 million Americans are locked up. That’s more than any other country on the planet—freedom—right! What’s the real number in Florida? Did you know that Florida is the only state in the United States of America to have voted not to hold these corporations accountable? Why?

    So, I’ve said enough on this online but listen to me, just a few more words, never in history has anyone really changed what the powerful have established. Millions of innocent people have been sent to the gallows. Right now, Russia, China, and the new South America are laughing big-time as they watch America destroy itself and lock Americans up.

    Even the glorious dept of veterans Affairs has been privatized, and the VA is killing off more veterans then American enemies ever have killed off. If a veteran gets a check he better watch his back. The hawk speaking dove acting budget cutters are very two faced when it comes to veterans. It’s how the private ones, with their corporate Wall Street stock holdings, are filling their coffers.

    They speak how they want to give our military veterans great care yet in truth they are cutting the budget. But unlike in stripers, we can know what goes on in the back room. We have full access to the way our politicians vote, and we can know how much they are tipped by parties who are interested in those votes. What we cannot do, without the proper warrants, is to establish a connection between the exchange of money and the service rendered. Were a strip club in that position, it is very unlikely that their prevarications would carry much weight with the local constabulary.

    So, maybe the old adage is appropriate: politicians are whores. To that extent their behavior is available for the scrutiny of economists. But what does this teach us about politics? One thing it teaches us is that politicians are not whores after all. The analogy is useful in some instances but it has its limits as well. There are times when certain politicians vote against their own self interest, and we may surmise that there are prostitutes who fall in love with their johns.

    Every rule has its exception. We are here in need of an analysis of risk taking behavior. Under what conditions is a politician likely to vote against the wishes of her lobbyists? Is there a possible scenario where a politician votes their conscience when they vote according to their lobbyist’s interests, despite the publics’ disapproving gaze? Within what parameters is that risk even considerable, even able to be considered? If there were a way to anticipate that risk we could understand the actions of our elected representatives, perhaps in terms of Keynesian economic theory where “animal spirits” control an economy in crisis.

    Maybe there is a kind of group think at work in the way that politicians accept money for votes, and also in the kind of rationalizations they provide to the public. Perhaps the idea that our politicians could not lie because that is against their own enlightened self interest is not a good idea to have, and perhaps politicians can be expected to lie in predictable ways. Perhaps the lie is a necessary and mathematically determinable event given the entry rules for our political system.

    Every turn of phrase could be examined as a function of its marketability. We could anticipate the politicians’ speeches by looking for the equilibrium point between the statements that aggregate demand wants of them, and the kind of “production” resources each politician has in the way of education and grooming. Once these ways are predicted, a true political anthropology could be forged, something that treated modern politics, with its face book and its googleweb, according to some hard scientific observations.

    This new science could lead us to computer generated political campaigns, virtual programs that calculate the appropriate sort of opinions to voice according to what kind of personality technology, according to the determinate abscissa of the voter index. It is possible that this work has already been done? Why are the Florida professional politicians gathering millions of dollars from outside Florida corporations?

    The short answer is to have enough money to pay for advertising and possibly pay off the vote counting electronic machines which still use a fax land line modem to send in the voting results on election night.

    In the 2010 Florida Election for United States Senator, Florida does have some choices on the ballot. George Anthony Lovenguth (Jorge) is not accepting any corporate donations and as the long, long, long shot will be on the ballot as the Independent One. George Lovenguth will vote in the senate for what the people of Florida need; JOBS, and not vote for what the corporations want a free ride and gifted contracts. That game is over people. The residents of Florida need a senator who will work for them, not the corporations and the bankers. Recent history shows what that caused for all Floridians.

    Should Floridians really what a better lifestyle and a cleaner environment, remember the ST. Johns River and how the corporations with the help of the state senate and the gov basically Okayed the destruction of the St. Johns River? Well all of this can be stopped but you people must get past the TV and poster committees and vote for a person who isn’t owned by big money. I, George Anthony Lovenguth Lawlor (Jorge) one of my grandfathers was from Puerto Rico, am a United States Marine Corps veteran and I am for the people, not the corporations. It’s all simple as that!

  3. Jorge Antonio Lovenguth link says, The short story, First the Democrats took what they could from Florida. Second, the Republicans really took waht they could and more…Notice the Florida economic situation and debt and crime levels from their wise decision made from their towers of thought?

    Well folks, There’s a reason we celebrate July 4th in America, it’s called “Independence Day” it means be independent of the business party’s; the republicans and the democrats. Is there a republican day or a democrat day? of course not, but there is Independence Day and I will be on the Florida 2010 ballot as the candidate for the United States Senator Election as an American Independent, as a member of the newly certified Tea Party.

    Go get yourself registered to vote and make sure you have made any changes to your registraion if you moved. Which may be quite possible if you live in Florida becuase under the republican controlled state senate you may have lost your job and your home. We can reverse what they have done. It’s still you, the voter who must get out and vote. You actually are the ones who allowed this mess to take place by voting them into place, you do realize that don’t you?

    Believe it or not Florida is still part of the United States of America. Be proud to be an American Indepemdent person. Republican and Democrat rulership works for the corporations and not the people. In 1776, the birth of our nation, it was American Independents who basically voted out the King of England and his business friends and family.

    In November, we, the Independent people of Florida will do the same. Now, Please “Pass the Word” that I will represent the people, not the corporations. I will prove that point by announcing that I will not be taking one penny from any corporation. I’m told that is crazy but, So it is. If you want a corporate financed Senator, then vote for that person. Keep it simple and vote for a former Marine who knows the difference. Jorge Antonio Lovenguth (george) is currently on the island where I’m visiting my aunt, Carmen Morales Velez.

  4. The TEA Political PARTY is real people. http://election.dos.state.fl.us/cgi-bin/TreSel.exe

    Then see the Florida Tea Party registered Senator 2010 candidate http://www.TeaParty.Pro

    America celebrates Independence Day, not republican or democrat day. It’s Time to get real.

    “Pass the Word”
    Jorge Lovenguth Florida 2010 Senator Candidate


    To All Vietnam Veterans, Remember, “It don’t mean nothing” – well, it does now.

    Sempre Fi

  5. Thanks. A retired general friend told me speaking to the republican and democrat business people is much like speaking to pigs and fishes. Have a nice day.

    Jorge Antonio Lovenguth

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