How’s this for “logic?”

“Career Politician Mark Neumann off-base with his attack towards Scott Walker”

That’s the title of a recent blog entry by Kyle Maichle of the North Shore Exponent blog. Maichle, a die-hard Scott Walker supporter, seems to think Mark Neumann is a career politician, and when confronted with the fact that Scott Walker has spent more years in politics than Mark Neumann, Maichle deployed this “logic”:

Walker has had six years of private sector experience. 16 years experience has been as a public servant.

The reason why Neumann is a career politician because he has spent four years with the party establishment against conservative values.

So here’s Kyle Maichle’s math:

6 years in private sector + 16 years as a politician = “public servant”
15 years in private sector (as a business owner) + 4 years as a politician = “career politician”

Perhaps Kyle Maichle should see if there’s a session on logic the next time he attends a “conservative bloggers conference,” because he sure could use a healthy dose of logic (and a spellchecker, for that matter).

And if you’d like, watch Kyle Maichle in action for yourself:


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7 thoughts on “How’s this for “logic?”

    1. Yeah, there’s no need for personal attacks. If you want to attack what he’s written, that’s one thing, but we don’t need to devolve to personal insults.

  1. I was willing to give Kyle the benefit of the doubt that he just suffers from what a lot of people–most of whom choose not to be writers–suffer from, which is an inability to write what they can reasonably say out loud. With video evidence, not so much.

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