In Brief: Scott and The Block

  • On Tuesday, two state lawmakers asked regulators to review whether Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker’s campaign violated a law that bans fundraising in state buildings. At issue is a November 2nd campaign event at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point student center, an event that was described by a local news report as a “a fundraising rally.” When questioned about the event, a spokesperson for the Walker campaign described the event as a “recruitment drive” and indicated no money was raised; however a reporter present at the event said one of the organizers “gave every indication it was a fundraiser.” It’ll be interesting to see if any money was in fact raised at the event, because I’m betting money was raised.
  • In other news, heartland hollar and Eye on Wisconsin are reporting on a fundraiser held yesterday in honor of Republican Congressional candidate (and current Ashland County District Attorney) Sean Duffy. While the fundraiser itself isn’t necessarily newsworthy, here’s what is:

    Today, [Mark] Block, the head of an “independent” group is throwing a fundraiser for Congressional candidate Sean Duffy at the ever-populist, tea bagger gathering place, the Milwaukee Athletic Club.

    Block is the contact person for the event and if you want to reach him he can be found at a number associated with the MacIver Institute, another “independent” group.

    So Duffy’s campaign is using the director of a 501c3/501c4 organization who can be reached at another 501c3/501c4 organization to raise money for his campaign. Any former DA will tell you this might be a problem, but not Duffy, who appears to be coordinating his fundraising efforts with “independent” non-profits.

    Let’s not forget this is the same Mark Block who was banned from Wisconsin politics for his role in egregious and willful violations of state elections law, and his ban was handed down after irrefutable proof was found that Block, then the head of Jon Wilcox’s campaign for the State Supreme Court, had coordinated campaign efforts with the Wisconsin Coalition for Voter Participation.

    Perhaps Mark Block hasn’t learned his lesson, or maybe he just thought no one would be paying attention, but either way, something sure seems fishy about yesterday’s fundraiser.


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