Paul Ryan, GOP WI-1 faces more heat

Down with Tyranny has an interesting post about Paul Ryan being “a darling of the GOP’s corporate wing.”   My earlier posting looking at the huge war chest he has amassed would tend to support this perspective.   As the blog posting says, while willingly raking in corporate and PAC funds, Ryan has done little to help support jobs in his District as the Janesville GM plant closed, the Kenosha Jeep engine plant closed and now the East Troy Harley Davidson Buell factory is being closed.  The net effect of these closures was over 3,000 well paying manufacturing jobs.  All of these plants were in Ryan’s District and didn’t seem to merit much of his attention to the detriment of his working class constituents.

As the posting by Dave Sherbola says:

“We are bleeding jobs in WI-01. What do you plan to do about it, Representative Ryan? Tax cuts and smaller government would not have saved these jobs. You were elected to represent all the constituents in our district– not just the wealthy ones. Where are your ideas to put the thousands of people to work in our district who are now unemployed? How are you going to help lead the effort to replace these well paying manufacturing jobs?”

How about it Paul?  What’s your plan for bringing jobs back to WI-1?  Lowering taxes isn’t much of a plan as the disaster we’re trying to clean up after Bush’s implementation of this plan proves.


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4 thoughts on “Paul Ryan, GOP WI-1 faces more heat

  1. I think Paul Ryan should learn some lessons from the special election in NY-23. A water-carrier for the national tea party movement was beaten in a deep red district by a Democrat who actually knew somethings about local “parochial” issues.

    Forget the governor’s race; Mike Sheridan should consider running for Congress. I think Ryan may be vulnerable if he keeps carrying water for the insurance industry while more of his constituents lose their employer-sponsored health insurance.

    1. Hi Jill,
      Thanks for your comment. I couldn’t agree with you more. I’d especially encourage this race if Barret decides to run for Governor.

  2. Unreal, did you ever consider the effect of State business taxes that Ryan has zero control over?

    Harley is on record as to why they will not bring jobs into Wisconsin, the business climate created in Jim Doyle’s Madison.

    Under Democrat leadership this state is bec0oming one of the least business friendly climates in the country.

    And you try and blame Ryan?

    Denial anyone?

  3. Hi Fred,
    Thanks for the feedback. I think you might have bought into the WMC coolaid. WI actually fares pretty well relative to other states on many factors associated with the business climate – see Forward WI

    In terms of quality of life, factors which greatly contribute to the business climate in terms of where people want to work and liver, we are doing pretty well in relation to other states on various factors including:
    Health care – (9% uninsured vs. a national average of 15.45. Some states like Texas have 25.2% uninsured) You tell me where you’d rather be.
    Crime – Milwaukee

    The Governor has bent over backwards on various pro-business initiatives including trying to keep GM in Janesville, successfully keeping Mercury Marine in Fond du Lac. WI continues to make great strides in the biotech industry with new companies and products forming around this cluster in the Madison and Milwaukee areas. All of these would argue against your comment.

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