Scott Walker: County jobs just a political “strategy”

Someone ought to tell Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker that threatening to put county employees out of work is not a political “strategy:”

Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker tells a Madison radio talk show host he pulled the trigger on county employee layoffs briefly last week as a strategy aimed at encouraging the County Board to come up with alternative savings.

While Scott Walker may think it’s good political strategy to threaten to lay off county employees – layoffs which would no doubt have a tremendous impact on those employees’ families – I think it’s absolutely despicable. Once again, Scott Walker has shown he lacks class or any regard for the employees he’s supposed to be “leading” as County Executive.


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2 thoughts on “Scott Walker: County jobs just a political “strategy”

  1. I hear that many of the people that were affected by Walker’s cynical ploy are actually taking steps to see if this actionable in court and/or the ethics board.

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    1. Please post any info, if you can, on any actionable court or ethics complaints.

      I was one of the pawns in Walker’s stunt this past week.

      Caused me and my family a great amount of grief.


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