This is what passes for “Real Debate”

Take a look at what passes for “real debate” over at “Real Debate” Wisconsin:

Cramps, Gableman is fit to be a SC Justice, and you are not fit for anything except to be the next Daniel Pearl.

In case you forgot who Daniel Pearl was…


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10 thoughts on “This is what passes for “Real Debate”

  1. I don’t need to be reminded who Daniel Pearl was…but I refuse to click on your link. Is that all there is…that one sentence??

    1. Well, there’s other comments in response to the blog entry, but I quoted the entire comment made by that particular individual.

  2. Well…it’s hard for me to comment on the contents of what was written except for the sentence you quoted. I guess I should ask who is “Cramps”?? LOL…

      1. I’m sure you are correct. If you think about it though…Daniel Pearl was a very successful journalist who had an incredible passion for the truth to the point he lost his own life seeking it out.

        1. Daniel Pearl was a successful journalist, but for some crazy reason I don’t think that really mattered to the guy who made the comment.

  3. I have been told by the same person that made that comment about grumps that I hate America and I should just go over to palestine. Also some veiled physical threats like this one.

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