Wispolitics.com on PPP Polling of WI Governor’s Race

Wispolitics.com had a copy of the press release from Public Policy Polling (PPP), on a recent poll of the WI Governor’s race.  The poll conducted 11/20 – 22 with 767 poll respondents, found the following results:

  • Tom Barrett vs. Tommy Thompson 46 – 41
  • Tom Barrett vs. Mark Neumann 41 – 39
  • Tom Barrett vs. Scott Walker 40 – 40

In one positive result for the Democrats, Tom Barrett led the pack with the lowest unfavorability rating at 21%, vs. Walkers at 25%, Neumann at 27% and Thompson at 45%.

The PPP President had this to say about the results “The Wisconsin Gubernatorial race is really up for grabs.”  One  statement in the November 27th press release struck me as odd “Likely Democratic candidate Tom Barrett…” (emphasis added).  Considering that Tom Barrett formally announced his candidacy on November 15th, well before the poll was taken, I’m wondering why their press release framed his candidacy in this way.


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3 thoughts on “Wispolitics.com on PPP Polling of WI Governor’s Race

  1. I’m guessing what the poll is looking at is a head to head matchup in the general election and Barrett still has to win a primary to make it on the ticket as the Dem in the general. He’s got that 18 year old with no chance to beat, and maybe someone else? So the poll is saying he’s the likely candidate in the general, barring some unforeseen circumstances.

  2. I think an even better question is why include Thompson at all? Does anybody really think he’s going to run? I’m not remotely “plugged in” or anything, but I’d be really shocked if he did.

    1. I’d be shocked it Thompson ran as well, but he was likely included because he’s said he thinks he has “one more race” left in him, and he didn’t rule out running for Senate or Governor in 2010.

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