Ze Plan, Ze Plan!

Just like on television’s Fantasy Island when Herve Villechaize as Tatoo rang the belltower bell to announce the arival of “Ze Plane, Ze Plane”, the GOP is rushing out their fantasy health care plan and its a doozy.


Guess What?

Their plan doesn’t address pre-existing conditions, so if you’ve had health problems and loose your job, you’ll have a period of time where you’ll be eligible for an expensive COBRA policy, but once that runs out you’re SOL.   Here’s what House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) said on Monday according to Talk Radio News Service:

“The alternative health care reform bill being pitched by House Republicans will not prevent insurance providers from barring clients based on pre-existing conditions.”

Is the GOP so anti-American,  so anti-early retirement, so anti-business, so anti-entrepreneurial growth that they don’t understand the need for a mobile work force, a work force that doesn’t make their decisions on staying with a company or starting a company simply because of the abysmal access to health care in this country?  Are they so in the bag with the insurance companies that they can’t see the need for real change not the lipstick on the pig that they’re suggesting?

Even Doug Holtz-Eakin, Senator McCain’s unemployed Health Policy guru is facing this crisis as his $1,00o month health insurance is running out following the required extension period under McCain’s COBRA insurance policy.  Guess what?  NPR reports that he has a pre-existing condition that makes his ability to purchase an individual policy iffy.

“Holtz-Eakin’s coverage under COBRA is about to run out and his outlook for an individual policy is grim. His big problem is a big preexisting condition. He had major surgery after his right kidney was damaged in an accident in 1990. “

What the GOP needs to do is get off their ideological high horse and anti-Obama political shenanigans and get serious.  As this ad from Americans United for Change says ask them to make health care a right for every American.

For those of you not familiar with the show here’s the intro video.

Update: MyDD reports that Pew polled 1,500 Americans from Sept 30 to Oct 4 on the pre-existing condition exclusion and a vast majority – 82% says insurance companies should be required to cover all Americans.

“Requiring insurance companies to sell health coverage to people, even if they have pre-existing medical conditions”

Favor: 82 percent
Oppose: 14 percent

Ze plan – a fantasy of delight for insurance companies operating on their Island of insanity and continued pain for average Americans.


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