A few questions about the Tea Party movement

So I’ve got a few questions about the Tea Party movement.

It’s supposed to be a genuine grass-roots movement, right?

And it’s supposed to be representative of average Americans who don’t happen to be “liberal elitists,” right?

So then why are organizers of the National Tea Party Convention charging $349 admission to the convention? (And that’s just for the convention, not for the banquet Sarah Palin will be speaking at)

$349 seems like a lot of money to spend simply for the “honor” of attending the National Tea Party convention, especially in today’s tough economic times.


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6 thoughts on “A few questions about the Tea Party movement

  1. I don’t know, but it could be that there are no corporate underwriters to the event to help defray the cost. Ergo, a steep entry fee.

  2. I heard it reported on Rachel Maddow that it was $549 for the conference but $349 if you just wanted to see bubble head.

    Publius, they have PLENTY of underwriting from the very organizations that are holding the event. It has been clearly shown that these organizations exist primarily to make money for themselves and rip-off people who think they are doing a noble thing. This is the political consulting industry plumbing new depths of depravity.

    You should have seen Maddow last night. If you haven’t go to msnbc.com and pull up the segment she had with a libertarian political consultant. It was quite revealing.

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