Crackpot calls for birthers to take up arms against Obama

This is just crazy…

In a blog post on her website titled “It might be time now,” birther queen Orly Taitz seemed to suggest yesterday a call to arms against President Obama:

What is the real intention of this Kenyan, Indonesian communist usurper? Is it to provide security for us or to destroy our security? Judge for yourself.
Seeing targeted destruction of our economy, our security, dissipation of American jobs, massive corruption in the Government, Congress Department of Justice and Judiciary, it might be time to start rallies and protests using our second amendment right to bare arms and organise in militias.

I think it’s safe to say Orly Taitz has a tenuous grasp on reality, as well as a tenuous grasp on the English language.


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8 thoughts on “Crackpot calls for birthers to take up arms against Obama

  1. Yeah…she is off…and she comes across as a “crackpot”. What I don’t like are the people who appear “normal” and have the same thoughts.

  2. The two most abundant elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity. Robert Heinlein

  3. I think Michelle Obama exercises her right to “bare arms” quite frequently and I bet she could take “birther queen” Orly.

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