17 thoughts on “Friday open thread

  1. One news story that is driving me nuts is the story about David Goldman and his son. How can a person just “refuse” to give a father his son back….and how can the Brazilian courts allow it?? It’s government sanctioned kidnapping. Now I can understand how and why the situation with Elian Gonzalez turned out the way it did.

    1. It was wonderful to wake up to the news David Goldman has his son back and they are on their way home…just in time for Christmas!

      1. As a fast food enthusiast I feel obligated to try it.
        speaking of mcdonalds:

        A. The new year will bring a breakfast dollar menu, with sausage burritos and 2 hash browns being featured

        B. Super-size and get a free coke glass is pretty awesome

        C. The Big Hardee, Hardee’s Big Mac ripoff is pretty awesome and has 3 patties instead of the Big Mac’s two and one bread patty.

        1. Jim, you’re quite the fast food enthusiast. I’ll admit I’m partial to McDonald’s hasbrowns, as well as the Big Mac, but otherwise I’m not a huge fan of McDonald’s.

      1. I don’t eat fast food, but I’m also not advocating for you via government to pay for my health care. It becomes my business to tell you to put down the Big Mac when I am paying to clear your arteries. Until then, you can eat, drink, smoke, not exercise or anything else you want to do in a private and free America.

  2. Beer too?! That’s empty calories and doesn’t sound very healthy. Better put a new tax on it to help pay for those government health care costs.

    1. Don’t worry about me, forgot; I’m in good health. Besides, beer in moderation (or Big Macs and french fries for that matter) isn’t bad for you – it’s when you eat or drink to excess that you’re going to run into problems.

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