7 thoughts on “I’m available, Congressman Kagen!

    1. James, I’m betting plenty of folks were saying the same thing in 2007, but we all know how the 2008 election worked out for Rep. Kagen.

    1. Yeah, Stern and about 50 other conservatives. I don’t doubt Rep. Kagen will be in for a tough fight in 2010, but I’m not going to count him out. If anything, he’s proven to be remarkably resilient.

  1. Well at least you can find out what it pays – $15,750 a quarter according to the doc you provided listing what the offices spent.

    Not bad for one of Wisconsin’s own, running a Congressional office that spent the third most money out of all House members.

    But don’t get your hopes up, you are from Wisconsin, right? The article seems to suggest the Honorable Mr. Kagen isn’t keen on hiring Wisconsin folks for these sorts of jobs.

    1. Locke, I’m not getting my hopes up, because I’m not interested in the job. This post was a joke more than anything, but I did take note of the fact that there was no mention of wanting someone from Wisconsin.

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