Palin to speak at fundraiser for “socialist” Canadian hospital

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, who’s made no secret of her feelings for the”socialist” health care system in Canada, is scheduled to speak at a fundraiser for a hospital and cancer center in Canada. The hospital in question, St. Peter’s Hospital, is a public hospital, and in addition to offering “socialized medicine,” it also offers end-of-life decision support (death panels, anyone?).

Considering Sarah Palin was so vocal in her opposition to the end-of-life planning, or as she called them, “death panels,” that are a part of health care reform legislation here in the U.S., it seems like a strange decision on the part of Sarah Palin to offer her support to St. Peter’s Hospital.


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4 thoughts on “Palin to speak at fundraiser for “socialist” Canadian hospital

  1. “Socialized medicine is BAD!… Wait, what’s that? They’ll pay me to speak there? I’m in! I didn’t think socialists had money, but I’m in!”

  2. Don’t you think that something is amiss when a “socialized” hospital is having a fundraiser?
    How can this possibly be true?

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