Talking from both sides of your mouth, T. Wall style

Yesterday, the campaign of Republican U.S. Senate candidate Terrence Wall issued a press release announcing Jim Klauser and Mary Buestrin will serve as Co-Chairs of Wall’s U.S. Senate campaign. In announcing they would serve as his campaign’s co-chairs, Wall said (emphasis mine):

“With Jim and Mary joining our team, the momentum is building behind our efforts to get our country back on track,” Wall said. “Jim and Mary know that Wisconsinites are tired of the partisanship and the negativity.

Jim Klauser and Mary Buestrin may know Wisconsinites are tired of the partisanship and negativity, but clearly Terrence Wall still hasn’t figured that out.


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11 thoughts on “Talking from both sides of your mouth, T. Wall style

  1. When I saw that part you bolded I laughed out loud. Right on the heel’s of that WisPol interview he says something like that. What a joke.

  2. To support Feingold is to support gun control; the out-of-control,not-so-stimulating massive spending of taxpayer $ during a recession; enforced unconstitutional bailouts; unprecedented future taxation; gov’t takeovers of entire INDUSTRIES such as healthcare,energy, education; legislation that encourages/simplifies voting fraud; senators that knowingly vote against the majority of their constituency, while facades-of-otherwise, via “listening sessions”, are scheduled/promoted after-the-fact but poorly publicized in as little as 12 hours in advance.
    Congressional voting records can’t be disputed and collectively they tell an encumbent’s story. Actions or lack thereof that align with the story are very telling, as well.

    1. Lori, stop spamming my blog with identical comments. If you’ve got something original to say, then by all means say it, otherwise stop with the spam.

  3. Zach, I didn’t realize you, Jim, and Rich are the only people commenting on all Feingold related articles. My bad.

    1. Lori, it’s my blog, so I comment on what I want. I suppose I could note that you’ve only commented on Feingold-related articles, while Jim and Rich are active commenters on all manner of entries here at Blogging Blue.

      I get that you don’t support Sen. Feingold, but as I’ve said elsewhere, tea party talking points aren’t going to get you very far around here.

    2. Since you are apparently not a spambot Lori, allow me to pose a question;
      How is the government taking over the “education industry?”

  4. Zach, I already apologized for blogging similarly to two of your articles. geez get over it.

    You say tea party talking points wouldn’t get me far in this blog. Following your lead, and that of your fellow commentators, does that mean I will get farther if I smear Feingold and insult you?

    No tea party talking points here. Just the truth stated in my own words.

  5. Jim, Government takeover of education starts with $35,600,000,000 stimulus for SFSP,of which $4B for “Race to the Top” program deemed by Pres. Obama as “one of the largest investments that federal gov’t has ever made in education reform”

    Just like TARP funds for banks, qualifying for and receiving Racing to the Top monies only comes with a price.

    Positioned as competitive incentive, the program’s guidelines (or whatever they are, rules-like, sort of, not really) are criterion for allocating funds.

    Good little boy and girl states, that guide well, are rewarded federal funding. Or said differently, the naughty states, that aren’t so hot at being guided, are punished and go without their share of $4B in federal funding.

    Wisconsin, one of just a handful of states with laws that protect (firewall) against this kind of government control, was selected to showcase this pc. of work, complete with a guest appearance from Barrack Hussein Obama himself.

    Why showcase a Federal program with qualifiers for funding that include stipulations that are against the law in Wisconsin? Because Doyle changed the laws, making Wisconsin eligible for Federal fundings and all the gov’t control that goes with them. Control such as giving state superintendent heightened powers to intervene in struggling schools, changes to the basis of teacher performance. The article provides more gory details, but certainly not all of them.

    From what I can tell from ARRA, the Secretary of Education (someone secretary in charge)and to some extent, the governor, can make the rules up as they go along.

    It should come as no surprise that Senator Feingold supports these efforts as the link to his 11/19/09 letter shows. Referring to the Education portion of the ARRA, the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, he says, “We now have the opportunity to rethink the proper role for the federal government in education reform…”

    This is the crux of it and pretty much all I know about it.

    Besides for all this Obama campaigned saying he was going to do it.

    And Jim, try and be nice. If I go away you guys won’t anyone to talk to.

  6. I was nice, after it became apparent you were a person. Your first post was a run-on rant, pardon me if I thought some jackass was going around copy/pasting it on every post they could find mentioning Feingold. Your latest post proved otherwise. Ed Garvey has somewhat convinced me of the perils of race to the top, so I can’t say I disagree with everything you said.

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