Terrence Wall absolutely doesn’t play partisan politics!

Terrence Wall, in a press release on November 30, 2009 (emphasis mine):

“With Jim and Mary joining our team, the momentum is building behind our efforts to get our country back on track,” Wall said. “Jim and Mary know that Wisconsinites are tired of the partisanship and the negativity.”

Terrence Wall, in a press release issued yesterday:

“Feingold has been at the forefront of the effort to scale back law enforcement’s ability to track, apprehend and punish terrorist suspects.”

So let’s recap:

Terrence Wall acknowledges Wiconsinites are tired of partisanship and negativity, yet he chooses to use an attempted terror attack to engage in partisan and negative attacks against Sen. Russ Feingold. Yeah, there’s no disconnect there.

Terrence Wall’s attempt to score cheap political points from an attempted terror attack is absolutely disgusting, and if this is the kind of scorched-earth campaign T. Wall plans on running, he’s certain to end up as a miserable failure. After all, Tim Michels tried to scare Wisconsinites into thinking Sen. Feingold was weak on national security way back in 2004, and we all know how that election turned out for Michels. But hey, if Terrence Wall wants to resurrect the failed campaign tactics of Tim Michels circa 2004, that’s his prerogative, but if he does, I’m betting Wall’s U.S. Senate will end in a similar fashion to his last run for a spot as a Maple Bluff trustee.


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5 thoughts on “Terrence Wall absolutely doesn’t play partisan politics!

    1. Exactly, Jim.

      If T. Wall thinks he’s going to win by stealing the Tim Michels playbook, he’s setting himself up to be sorely disappointed.

  1. Aside from Wall’s talk of partisanship, has not Sen. Feingold been at the forefront to scale back enfotcement in this area? He should be held accountable and must defend his position or state clearly what limits he supports in light of recent threats.

  2. Well he had issues with wiretapping and Patriot Act. That’s fine, I just want to know how he would address the renewed threats. Does he support those scanning machines?

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