Walker “Believes in Wisconsin” yet outsources county housekeeping jobs

Scott Walker wants everyone to “Believe in Wisconsin Again.”

Really, he does.

In fact, Scott Walker believes in Wisconsin so much that after eliminating 90 county housekeeping jobs right before Thanksgiving, he outsourced cleaning services for the Milwaukee County Courthouse to Mid-American Cleaning Contractors, a company based out of Columbus, Ohio. Walker’s no stranger to outsourcing, as he previously outsourced hotel accommodations during a tour around Wisconsin, in addition to outsourcing the design of his gubernatorial campaign’s website to yet another company based out of Ohio.

See, Scott Walker believes in Wisconsin; he just believes in stimulating the economy of Ohio even more.

Speaking of the outsourcing of the county housekeeping jobs to a company based out of Ohio, I can’t help but wonder if that’s the outcome Supervisor Pat Jursik had in mind when she voted to eliminate the 90 county housekeeping positions Scott Walker just outsourced.

Ed. Note: It turns out the company that won the Courthouse cleaning job is actually a local company, Mid American Building Services, based out of West Allis. However, as Dan Cody noted, the head of Mid American Building Services donated $1,000 to Scott Walker’s gubernatorial campaign right around the time Walker decided to push to privatize County housekeeping jobs.

Dan Cody has more.


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7 thoughts on “Walker “Believes in Wisconsin” yet outsources county housekeeping jobs

  1. You should check your sources (this would be a good time to realize you should never use Journal Sentinel hack Steve Schultze as a source) and get your facts straight.

    The company chosen for the contract is based in West Allis. They are MidAmerican Building Services – A Wisconsin and a Milwaukee County company.

    1. They may have an office in West Allis, but they are based in Ohio. You may want to check your sources (this would be a good time to realize you should never use Team Walker as a source)and get your fact straight.

  2. I don’t need to check my sources. Unlike you, I check my sources before I write.

    You (and Steve Schultz) have the wrong company.

    Mid American Building Services
    6682 West Greenfield Ave, West Allis

    Go ahead, keep arguing with me. You are wrong.

      1. Tom’s right on this one. Mid-American Cleaning Contractors has no offices in Wisconsin.


        The Wiscnosn Department of Financial institutions has no registration for Mid-American Cleaning Contractors in the State.

        But even if corporate headquarters for the cleaning company were factually correct. It’s a pretty weak anti-Walker argument. It is too exposed to a counter attacks. All the candidates will come out in favor of job creation and all the canidates will use out-of-state labor and materials for their campagins.

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