9 thoughts on “Conan’s a class act

      1. Yeah…I suppose…but it’s hard to feel too sorry for the guy. I’m sure he’s on to bigger and better things.

        1. I certainly don’t feel sorry for him and his $20mil severance pay. I have a feeling he’ll be fine, what with co-hosting that show with Andy Richter on Animal Planet and all..

        2. There’s no doubt he’s on to different things, but bigger and better remains to be seen. I for one will be interested to see a three-way competition between Letterman, Leno, and O’Brien at 10:30.

  1. Of course it’s all business, and he made millions right along with NBC.
    The part that annoys me a bit is the fact that much of the staff picked up and moved their families for it. It was nice to see that they too got a nice settlement – they deserved it.

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