For Sale: One U.S. Senate candidate (Terrence Wall)

Terrence Wall is for sale, at least according to an email he recently sent to high-dollar donors. In the email asking for donations, Terrece Wall asks people to contribute a whopping $4,800 to his campaign, a donation that will enroll donors in his exclusive “Senators Club,” while also allowing donors special access to T. Wall.

From the email:

“If you donate $4,800 you are automatically enrolled in the Senator’s Club, a group of large donors which meets quarter to receive an inside update on the campaign and it’s progress with guest speakers and a special talk by the candidate! Senator’s Club members also receive a special lapel pin and receive invitations to all events, but don’t have to donate for each event since they have “maxed out”.”

So you can buy Terrence Wall, as well as a fancy lapel pin, for the low, low price of $4,800! What strikes me as odd is the fact that Terrence Wall has decided to kick off his senate campaign by selling himself to high dollar donors, instead of attempting to appeal to the “grass roots” voters whose support will be necessary if he’s going to win the Republican primary and then the general election. However, Terrence Wall’s big-dollar donor email does make it crystal clear exactly what kind of campaign Terrence Wall will be running and who he’ll really be counting on to support his U.S. Senate campaign.

In his latest big-dollar donor email, Terrence Wall has made it abundantly clear that if he’s elected as Wisconsin’s U.S. Senator, access to him will come at a very steep cost, in stark contrast to Senator Russ Feingold, who has made accessibility to his constituents a hallmark of his time in office.


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21 thoughts on “For Sale: One U.S. Senate candidate (Terrence Wall)

        1. These things don’t happen instantly. I’m dotting all the I’s and crossing all the T’s, so that it’s just perfect!

  1. Nice post Zach. I haven’t made it through my feeds yet today and likely won’t for a while, was this an article or press release on WisPol?

  2. i’m shocked. Seriously Zach, before you post something like this, check around first so you can see how many other “Senators clubs” and “governor clubs” there are out there. Or check with me and I’ll be straight with you about whether you really have something.

  3. Gasp! Someone trying to finance a run against an incumbent with a massive warchest.

    Using phrases like…

    “So you can buy Terrence Wall, as well as a fancy lapel pin, for the low, low price of $4,800!”

    …may seem catchy. But think them over first. They end up sounding borderline ridiculous to a serious reader.

      1. I would think the last thing you want associated with your candidate is being “for sale”? How many times do you hear politicians saying “my vote ISN’T for sale.” If anything, one would use that above graphic against the oponent, putting in the opponent’s name and phone number and implying he “sold” certain votes to special interests.

        1. Just to be clear I was using “opponent” in general terms, and not referring to Sen. Feingold.

  4. The nice thing about Feingold is he is certainly not beholden to special interests. Say what you want about “career politicians” but Feingold has done nothing to imply that the citizens of Wisconsin are not his first interest.

  5. I can’t believe I missed this Zach. Awesome, and right on the money. Reading this makes me so mad and sets the tone for things to come. Just what we need, a re-hash of the past! T Wall has nothing in common with the average blue collar Wisconsinite!!!

    Good job exposing T-Wall, keep up the good work!


  6. I know Terrence and he is an honest man. His goal is to reduce government spending, reduce government interference in our lives, have people be more responsible for their actions and responsibly follow the constitution. He is willing to attack major problems like social security. I believe he is running for one term –and then plans to get back to his business and family. Sounds like good stuff to me.


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