6 thoughts on “Here’s a candidate the GOP can get behind in 2012

  1. Didn’t you just say a few posts ago that it was in poor taste for Rush to talk about Ted Kennedy’s death being used for political advantage on the health bill (even though it was)? Just checking.

    1. forgot, you’re comparing apples and zebras.

      Rush was trying to score some cheap points to suit his own agenda, while the Onion was simply making a joke about the Republican tendency to yearn for the days of St. Ronnie.

      1. Agreed – Rush was trying to score cheap points to suit his own agenda.
        Agreed – The Onion was doing what they do – make us laugh.
        And – You posting it goes back to trying to score cheap points to suit your own agenda.

  2. Wasn’t Rush just making a wry obersvation about how it would be, in fact, liberals who would try to exploit the death of the Senator to score some cheap points in furthering their agenda.

    Be it Rush, John Stewart, or the Onion, I don’t see the difference.

    1. I think there is a difference between the three in some regards. The Onion doesn’t have any axe to grind – they do what they do solely to entertain & not to shape opinions or further his agenda. Stewart mostly seeks to entertain, but is happy to help further an agenda along the way. Rush mostly pushes an agenda but underneath it all, is still functionally an entertainer trying to make his audience happy.

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