Hump day news and notes


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7 thoughts on “Hump day news and notes

    1. Yeah, I heard a rumor about Dodd last night; looks like it was true. I think his retirement gives the Dems a better chance of holding onto his seat though, so I see this as a good thing.

      1. Dodd seems to be damaged goods now, I had heard rumblings about a primary challenge from Blumenthal quite a while ago. I can’t believe the guy has been AG for twenty years! And that he is still popular, though state AG isn’t exactly a high profile position.

        1. Yeah, he’s damaged goods, and I’m betting Blumenthal holds onto the seat, if he chooses to throw his hat into the ring.

  1. The news about Dodd is the best political news I’ve heard in quite awhile. As much as any other single individual, he was responsible for the sub-prime lending mess. The fact that he played a major role in fixing the very problem he created or at the very least, allowed to happen was just plain shameful.

    Actually kinda reminds me of a blog post I saw recently by Christian Schneider (probably not exactly loved around here, but even if you disagree, you gotta admit he’s pretty funny). Anyway, let’s see if I can finally get a link right:

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