Neumann invests $1 million in his gubernatorial campaign

At least he didn’t try to tell folks he “raised” $1 million:

Former U.S. Rep. Mark Neumann said Friday that he has put $1 million of his personal wealth into his campaign for Wisconsin governor.

Neumann, a Republican from Nashotah who has made millions as a homebuilder, said his personal investment would ensure the campaign has enough money to be successful, and did not rule out adding more later.

“I think it’s necessary to invest in this way to hopefully get into a position where we can be a part of turning this state around,” Neumann said.

Looks like Mark Neumann is serious about staying in the Republican gubernatorial race until the bitter end.


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4 thoughts on “Neumann invests $1 million in his gubernatorial campaign

  1. The way I look at it ALL candidates should use their own funds. When a simple person like you or I go on a job interview, we pay for our vehicle, gas, etc. Basically it all comes out of our own pocket. These candidates should realize, if you want a job, you make the effort to pay for it – nice to see ONE candidate doing this.

    1. Tom, so you believe only the wealthy should be able to run for office?

      I ask because that seems to be what you’re getting at. If anything, I’d like to see running for elected office become more accessible to “average joes” who might be great elected officials but who lack the funds necessary to run for office.

    2. I’m with Zach, I don’t think there is any other way to take that statement, unless it’s a joke I don’t get. In which case please let me in on it.

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