My apologies for the upper case headline, but I’m mad as hell and want health care reform passed now.

What is wrong with the Congress and Obama?  Don’t they get the message from MA?

The message is to stop dithering, stop trading pork and to start representing the will of the people that want to get things done. They want things done that benefit the American people not just insurance companies, not just pharmaceutical companies, not just Nebraska, not just Joe Lieberman. They want things done on a timely basis, not after months and months of agony, wasted money, wasted time and wasted energy on the path to reform.

The message to me was loud and clear – stop screwing around, get to work and get things done! Now that we are on the cusp of health care reform, the Senate, the President and the House have to continue to push through using their impressive majorities to make this happen.  Don’t wimp out at this historic moment in time – pass health care reform – then get to work making it better.

To help Obama gain some backbone on this issue TPM has compiled this nice montage of Obama speaking about health care reform over the past few months.


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11 thoughts on “OBAMA & CONGRESS – HCR GET IT DONE!!!

  1. Dude, for real, I think this attitude will cost your party big time during the next election.
    If your only concern is for a bill to be signed, then yes, a “do it now” is the attitude thats needed.
    I don’t know, I’m just think’n your party can either push and sign a bill then take their chances next election (I don’t think it’d be pretty), or they can start trying to save their behinds now to live to fight another day.
    Me, I think this bill will be signed soon, and it will cost your party dearly.

    1. Hi Alexander,
      I suspect that you have bought into the Palin death panels mythology and are either on your parent’s health insurance or work for the state or a large corporation that provides health insurance to all its employees. Some of us buy our health insurance on the open market and are sick of insurance companies gouging us or creating reasons not to underwrite our coverage. With the large number of unemployed, the number of uninsured continues to grow. This is the block of people that want to see change – change that guarantees them coverage regardless of age or health condition – change that helps them pay their premiums when needed – change that starts to clamp down on the excessive costs of our current system. .

      If the bill passes and the American people are informed about what it really means for them, then your party is the one that will be facing difficulties for years to come. A party of the fat cats, for those who have theirs, is not what Americans are looking for now. They want a country that provides some level of health security rather than the broken system we have today.

      1. I suspect that you have bought into the Palin death panels mythology and are either on your parent’s health insurance

        That’s really weak – a cheap, unsubstantiated attack for no reason. “Oh yeah, well I bet you live in your parents’ basement.” C’mon MadCity, you’ve gotta be better than that.

        It’s a good point – either force it through and deal with the backlash or try to improve it from the steaming pile of pork and rubbish it is.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. There is a reason for a majority of the people against it. The bill is NOT health care reform, it’s a monster that makes no sense. Why not just choose one subjet like pre-existing and solve the problem? The reason is they don’t really want to solve it. If they did they would be successful and the party would be the hero, instead the democrats are falling out of the graces of mainstream America.

    Health care reform is a serious problem. and once again leaders fail to see the real problem and pass real solutions to solve them.

    This is a really big problem for this administration.

    1. Thanks for your comments. Health care reform is a bit of a monster due to all the parties that are unwilling to take a hit in their pocket books – doctors, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, consumers.

      Unfortunately solving pre-existing condition exclusions is not something that the insurance companies will allow to happen unless they have a guaranteed pool of new insureds. If it were as simple as requiring insurance companies to carry anyone seeking coverage at any time, it would have happened a long time ago. The power of the insurance companies is such that they know this wouldn’t work for them, because healthy people would simply avoid coverage until until they needed insurance to purchase the coverage. This adverse selection is something their actuaries do not want to have happen.

      If I were to write a new bill it would be very simple. Guaranteed national health insurance and coverage for all legal citizens and residents of the country – Medicare for all ages.

  3. Wait a minute…this article makes no sense. How does voting in Scott Brown send a message that they want this administration to get it done!!! HOLY SPIN, nothing could be further from the truth. You would have to be a real moron to think this.The sole purpose of the election results was to stop the Obama gang…..period

    1. Well Henry I must be a moron then. Thanks for the compliments. It is always helpful to advance your side of a debate with this type of commentary.

      I suggest that you read the polls from the voters of MA. “By a 68-27 margin, voters in last Tuesday’s election supported the universal health care law in Massacuhsetts; this included a majority of Scott Brown voters!” Special election voters in Massachusetts approved of Barack Obama 61-37.


      This wasn’t about stopping the Obama gang as you say, it was about sending a message to the Obama gang that they want them to accomplish what they promised when the majority voted them into office.

      1. Um, no. Massachusetts already has universal coverage. They want ObamaCare killed because it’s worse than what they already have. To twist that election and poll favorability of universal coverage results into “they support ObamaCare” is a really bad misunderstanding of things.

        While we’re on the subject, just be clear hear…both sides say a majority of the public is with them. Can’t both be true, right?

        Polls show a majority of Americans support “Health Care Reform” in the broadest sense.
        The polls also make it very clear that a majority of Americans disagree with the specific plans the Democrats have put forward.

    1. Thanks for commenting. The people of MA already have a health care program that is better than the Federal health care reform plan. This health care plan was one that Scott Brown voted for and that Governor Romney, one of the darlings of the right, signed into law.

      What the people of MA are angry about is having to share more of their tax dollars with Alabama, Louisiana, Texas and all of the states that would draw from their kitty to bring their health care system up to some level of coverage under the Health Care Reform plan.

  4. So the people of MA voted based on selfishness? That’s a nice spin MadCityMan.

    Basically you are saying now that it appears the tide is turning and losing public support big time, the Dems should ram something through. Nevermind that it is an awful bill, COSTLY, and still leaves millions uninsured. It doesn’t make reforms to reduce costs. So what exactly DOES this bill do? I think it’s time to start over and pass the provisions that a majority of both parties agree on.

    You think health care is a monster now and don’t like dealing with your insurance company? Wait until you have to deal with the federal government! Government will spend its way right into oblivion. I don’t think its wise to put all your eggs in one basket by having the federal government provide us everything. It’s one thing for government to tax activity or require auto insurance for drivers, but this bill makes requirements of citizens merely for EXISTING. Is that freedom?

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