Obama v. Reagan

See any similarities in the approval ratings of Presidents Obama and Reagan during their first year(s) in office?

As Yglesias noted, “Similar economic circumstances = similar results.” It’s worth noting President Reagan’s approval rating at the end of his second year in office was just a tick above 40%, yet we all know how Reagan fared when it came time for reelection.

H/T to Pundit Nation and Matthew Yglesias.


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3 thoughts on “Obama v. Reagan

  1. The difference is Reagan advanced policies in those first two years that actually improved the economy. What was Obama’s economic plan other than bailout, stimulus, and take over a car company? It is astonishing how much he has ignored economic issues. So unless he gets in gear with something he will have nothing to show for it in Year Four, like the Gipper did by ’84. Do you really think 2012 will be ‘Morning in America’?

    Also, in Reagan’s first midterm the GOP lost 27 seats to Democrats. Do you think it will be easier for Obama in the second half of his term to further an agenda after Dems lose more seats in Congress?

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