Palin’s favorite founding father? All of ’em!

Asked by Glenn Beck to name her favorite founding father, newly minted Faux News pundit Sarah Palin struggled to name one:

Personally, my favorite founding father is Thomas Jefferson.

H/T to Caffeinated Politics.


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11 thoughts on “Palin’s favorite founding father? All of ’em!

  1. Well she did say that George Washington rises to the top. Don’t know if that counts as answer in your mind.

    I have a hard time picking just one too, because they all had their stengths and weaknesses. But Thomas Jefferson certainly ranks high on the list.

    Zach, it is interesting that your favorite is Thomas Jefferson, because he did not advocate for an overpowering federal centralized government, having once said, “I am not a friend to a very energetic government.”

    1. forgot, I think if you knew me (not just from my blog), you’d be surprised to find out I’m not just a mindless liberal drone. While I do believe there are some issues government should address, there are plenty of other issues I can think of where government should “butt out.” My views on many issues aren’t black and white, probably because I tend not to think in absolutes.

  2. That’s true, I can only surmise based on what you post here. But I don’t think you are a liberal drone. And glad you are not, because it’s always best to question things and think for oneself.

    Just a suggestion: I think it would be an interesting blog post in the near future for you to share what issues you think government should address vs. the “butt out” ones.

  3. My fave is Alexander Hamilton. (John Adams runner up.) I think Hamilton was very complex and bright. (Adams was too..reading Cicero while traveling to Philly makes a point about the level of education and thought these men had.) I do not always subscribe to all thier points of view, of course, but find their logic compelling. If I could have two of the the FF’s for coffee it would be Hamilton and Adams.

  4. In her defense, it is an unusual question. I still haven’t made my decision.

    I still stand behind my opinion that she is bat-sh!t-crazy, but I’ll give her this one.

  5. Favorite founding father? Is that like your favorite Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream.

    No question from Glenn Beck should ever be taken seriously.

    1. What’s wrong with the question? Is it just because you don’t like the person asking the question?

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