5 thoughts on “Perhaps there’s a silver lining

  1. He is everything the teabagging conservatives have been railing against…but yet…for some odd reason…they are embracing him. I wonder if any of them stopped to ask themselves why Scott Brown tried to distance himself from the republican name and the teabaggers before the election.

  2. That’s no silver lining. It doesn’t matter what some think of him, the important thing is that he has an (R) behind his name and appears committed to helping stop the ramming through of the disasterous agenda of Obama, Pelosi, and Reid.

    1. He may have an (R) next to his name, but he’s also made it abundantly clear he supports health care coverage for all Americans.

  3. What is interesting about this is whether it means a change in the way the Republican party selects it’s candidates (both in terms of national party support and locally). This has been a significant difference between the D’s & R’s the last decade. Democrats have been willing to run & support conservative Democrats in conservative districts – candidates that in the big picture may be closer to R’s than D’s, with the idea that winning is the most important thing.

    The Republicans have been unwilling or at least much, much less willing to do this. They’ve preferred to lose in liberal districts rather than “compromising on principles.” Heck they even have a derogatory name for those people – RINOs.

    I’m not saying either approach is right – I can see both sides of the argument. But my point is they have had very different approaches – and the Democrats approach has clearly been more successful.

    Will Brown’s victory mark a turning point for the Republicans or just be an aberration?

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