Ryan to host fundraiser in New Hampshire

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Janesville) will be making a stop in New Hampshire next month to headline a fundraiser on February 26 for the New Hampshire Republican Party. According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s report, Rep. Ryan was asked to come raise funds for the New Hampshire GOP because of his advocacy for fiscally conservative principles.

As the site of the nation’s first presidential primary every four years, New Hampshire is a favored location for potential presidential candidates, and Rep. Ryan’s visit to New Hampshire is sure to stir up speculation he’s positioning himself for a future White House bid. However, when asked about his possible presidential aspirations, Ryan denied he would be running for president in 2012, saying, “There is a zero percent chance I will be seeking the Republicans’ nomination for president in 2012.”

Despite Ryan’s insistence he won’t be a candidate for president in 2012, some pundits aren’t convinced:

“I don’t think politicians do things by accident,” said Nathan Gonzalez of the Rothenberg Political Report. “I think he’s trying to help the party any way he can and if that helps him any time in the future, I’m sure he wouldn’t turn that down.”

To be honest, I’ve heard many an elected official say or promise one thing only to go back on what they said at a later date, so I wouldn’t be at all shocked if Paul Ryan ended up running for president in 2012, especially if the Republican field ends up being weaker than expected. Everything Paul Ryan has being doing lately – such as attending this fundraiser and endorsing Marco Rubio for the U.S. Senate in Florida – smacks of someone who’s trying to boost his name recognition in advance of a step onto the national stage.


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