Terrence Wall’s thin skin

Clearly, Terrence Wall can’t tolerate dissent, as noted by one potential constituent who’s attended a few of Wall’s announcement events:

Some friends and I went to [Terrence Wall’s] event today in order to make a silent protest against Wall’s “pumpkin patch” tax loophole. We were at the rallies in Wausau, Eau Claire, and in La Crosse today, and we were either banned or kicked out of each of the events.

I understand Terrence Wall’s trying to put his best foot forward, given the God-awful start to his U.S. Senate campaign, but if Terrence Wall wants to be Wisconsin’s next U.S. Senator, he should learn to develop a thicker skin. If T. Wall wants some lessons on how to handle individuals whose opinions he doesn’t agree with, he could take some lessons from Sen. Feingold, who listens to – and encourages feedback from all his constituents, not just the ones who share his views.

H/T to illusory tenant.


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