Thursday Music – 01/14/10 Edition

It just occurred to me it’s been a couple of weeks since we had any music here at Blogging Blue, so here’s some music to liven up your Thursday.

First we’ll start with “All the Right Moves” by OneRepublic:

“Morning After Dark” by Timbaland:

And we’ll end with two songs from one of my new favorite groups, The Script. First, here’s “Breakeven”:

Finally, here’s “The Man Who Can’t be Moved”:


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2 thoughts on “Thursday Music – 01/14/10 Edition

  1. Zach, where is post on Westlake’s announcement??!?!! I was partially right, it did involve blaze orange clothing.

    1. Jim, we had a heck of a morning with a cranky 6 year-old, so I didn’t get to post on everything I wanted.

      Rest assured, I’ve got an entry coming.

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