Tweeting Governors – WI Doyle Absent according to USA Today

USA Today takes a look at the prevalence of Governors around the country who are on Twitter.  According to the publication, 32 Governors are tweeting, with tweets coming from both Democrats and Republican Governors alike.  The number one Governor in terms of followers was former bodybuilding champion, movie star and  GOP CA Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger; followed by potential GOP Presidential candidate LA Governor Bobby Jindal.  The number one Democratic Governor by number of followers was Governor Jennifer Granholm of MI.

What the article did not state was the status of the Governors in terms of their re-election prospects or plans.  I suspect that given his decision not to run again that Governor Doyle has decided not to join the Gubernatorial Twitterati.  The article also did not track the number of tweets, another valuable metric on how important this communications mode is to their overall strategy.


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