A thought on the Tim Tebow Superbowl ad

“Sunday will be anything but super for abortion-loving liberals”

So says conservative bomb-thrower Kevin Fischer, who’s clearly a subscriber to the notion that all liberals think exactly alike on every issue, allowing for all liberal to be lumped together in sweeping generalizations.

However, as grumps of The Happy Circumstance notes in a comment replying to Fischer, there were more than a few liberals who said, “let the commercial run,” including yours truly. While I may not support taking away a woman’s right to choose, as do Tim Tebow and his mother, I’m glad they had an opportunity to speak their minds about an issue they obviously care deeply about. I’m also in agreement with grumps, who went on to note how glad he was that he and Fischer are now on the same side when a church wishes to run a message of tolerance or an advocacy group shares a message of peace.

In case you missed it, here’s the ad that was supposed to have all us liberals in a tizzy:


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2 thoughts on “A thought on the Tim Tebow Superbowl ad

  1. If anything, I was shocked at how benign the commercial was. Certainly there’s a larger context, but the commercial itself was about how precious life is with no mention whatsoever of abortion. If you can set aside the sponsor, the message itself was a good one that I’d think would be universally supported.

  2. I had no problem with the commercial. I did have a problem with the criteria CBS used to determine if an ad should be aired. The explanations used that I read reeked of a Fred type double standard.

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