February Drinking Liberally – 02/17/10

Tomorrow’s the third Wednesday of the month, which can only mean one thing….Drinking Liberally:

Hello friends, the time has come for me to get the @*$&@#! date right with this announcement. It’s D.L. time! We’ll be joined by Ryan Alexander from the Barrett for Governor campaign, who will be on hand to meet the good librul drinkers and answer your questions.

As always, we meet at Sugar Maple, 441 E. Lincoln Ave. in scenic Bay View. Look for the huddled band of lefties in our usual place by the front door.

At once we’ve got good news, such as the announcement that Ingeteam will be building a wind-turbine generator factory in the Menomonee Valley. And we’ve got bad news, like the county about to lose millions more in funding due to incompetent governance. How will this all play out in the governor’s race? Let’s talk about it.

See you on Wednesday.

Jason & the Milwaukee D.L. team


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