WI GOP Representative Paul Ryan Votes Against Insurance Competition & Reform

Showing once again his true colors, Representative Paul Ryan was one of 19 GOP Representatives who voted no on the Health Insurance Industry Fair Competition Act today.   It looks like Representative Ryan is all for continuing the monopoly powers of the giant health insurance companies that have been given free reign on their rate strategies given their market and political power around the country.  This vote certainly went against his constituents in the 1st District of Wisconsin.  It is high time that he answer for his votes and for his continued embrace of big business in all its forms.  His vote is one that fails to recognize the concentrated nature of insurance in WI, where WellPoint has 52% of the market and United Health Care has 10% according to the Center for American Progress.

You can see a map of insurance industry concentration around the country here.

Meanwhile, Representative Anthony Weiner of New York excoriates the Republican gamesmanship on the bill in his blistering attack on the GOP during his comments today.


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2 thoughts on “WI GOP Representative Paul Ryan Votes Against Insurance Competition & Reform

  1. Weiner is really ripping the republicans apart. sometimes i wonder if Mr Ryan wants to help or not

    1. Hello,
      Thanks for the comment. Given Paul Ryan’s votes and editorials on a range of issues related to health care reform, he seems to be rigidly locked into supporting a “market-based” model without really understanding the real dynamics of a highly concentrated health care insurance market. Conveniently his votes help him continue to rake in funds from his major corporate donors.

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