Terrence Wall, one of the GOP candidates for U.S. Senate in WI releases his first television commercial.  The commercial attacks Feingold for not listening, but inconveniently defeats this message in the selection of a “teabagger type” complaining about Russ Feingold’s position on health care at a listening session.

Madam and Terrence, Senator Feingold is listening, just not to your anger and political maneuvering.  He’s listening to the people of Wisconsin and of the United States that want to see improvements in our health care system through comprehensive reform.

Two other interesting points:

  1. I was surprised to see that Terrence Wall had to use an ad agency outside of Wisconsin (Strategy Group for Media in Columbus, OH according to Hotline On Call) to create this commercial.  Given that he’s running to represent WI, you’d think he’d be able to spend some of his campaign money in-state rather than going outside of the state.  Doesn’t he trust the WI advertising community to do a good job?
  2. Nowhere in his ad does he mention that he is a GOP candidate for U.S. Senate.  Is the state of the GOP still so toxic that no one wants to be associated with the party in their run for office?


WisPolitics has a copy of a Feingold press release attacking Terrence Wall for this ad, by pointing out that Senator Feingold has “kept his promise to hold Listening Sessions in all 72 Wisconsin Counties, every year – over 1,200 to date.”

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2 Responses to Terrence Wall GOP Candidate for WI Senate First TV Ad

  1. Zach W says:

    Nicely done, MCM. I was going to write on this in the morning, but you beat me to it.

    However, I will add that’s it says something about Wall’s campaign that he chose to make his first foray into TV ads a negative ad attacking Sen. Feingold, instead of something introducing himself in a positive way to Wisconsin’s voters. That shows that it promises to be a nasty campaign if Wall wins the Republican nomination.

  2. MadCityMan says:

    Hi Zach,
    Thanks for the kudos. I’m sure we’ll find lots to cover in this race. I agree with your comment about the negativity of his add. It doesn’t really tell us what Terrence Wall will do for the state, other than I suppose do everything he can to keep our antiquated health care system in place.

    I’m surprised some of our usual “commenters” haven’t voiced an opinion on this one yet. They usually do.

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