Terrence Wall’s Greatest Hits, Volume 3 – The Earth is How Old???

Watch as Republican U.S. Senate candidate Terrence Wall, appearing on WVCY’s “In Focus,” explains how the earth’s climate has been changing for “billions of years,” only to turn around and change his mind when confronted by a caller who clearly disapproves of what he believes to be Wall’s “evolutionist” views and Wall’s hypocrisy on the issue of religion, evolution, and creation theory:

I think Wall’s reaction as the caller finishes his statement is priceless….it’s the very definition of the “deer in headlights” look, and I have to say that’s the quickest I’ve ever seen a politician or a political candidate retract something he or she said.

As Diana Marrero of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel notes, the Wall campaign declined to comment on Wall’s statements.


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6 thoughts on “Terrence Wall’s Greatest Hits, Volume 3 – The Earth is How Old???

  1. Wow, Zach! I tell you, not in all my years have I ever seen such a gotcha moment! Come on, Feingold is going down!

  2. Well there you have it. It’s to bad I never get a chance to answer these types of questions. But being I don’t have an R or D behind my name I guess I won’t. And the good people of Wisconsin are being robbed of informative information because of the media’s bias of the two parties. But that’s OK, our campaign is built around that premise and the knowledge the media media has gravitated away from factual investigative reporting and is just the mouth piece for the Republican and Democratic parties.

    I hope some of your readers are a little more curious and wants more than the news is reporting.

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