Thursday Music – “Bands you probably haven’t heard of” edition

For today’s edition of Thursday Music, I thought I’d highlight some funky up and coming bands that happened to catch my ears.

We’ll start out today’s triad of videos with “Pretty Mask” by the awesomely named The Phenomenal Handclap Band:

Next up, here’s “After the Rain” by Little Dragon:

And we’ll end today’s edition of Thursday Music, here’s “Percussion Gun” by the White Rabbits. As an interesting sidenote, the White Rabbits are a sextet with not one, but two drummers, as well as two frontmen. Listen and enjoy!


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6 thoughts on “Thursday Music – “Bands you probably haven’t heard of” edition

      1. Not since about 1982 anyway. The Burundi Beat sound was very popular with British New Wave bands back in the day (Adam & the Ants, Bow Wow Wow and Icicle Works all come to mind off the top of my head).

  1. Totally unrelated to the music but the snail in the Little Dragon video totally grossed me out. Blah! There almost as bad as crabs.

      1. OMG. Crabs are the worse!

        (BTW…”There almost as bad as crabs.” should be…”They’re almost as bad as crabs.”) Just had to correct myself or it would bother me all day.

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