What does Terrence Wall have to hide?

You’ll be happy to know this entry has absolutely nothing to do with Republican U.S. Senate candidate Terrence Wall’s efforts at avoiding paying income taxes. Instead, I’d like to take a moment to talk about Terrence Wall’s refusal to provide his date of birth during a recent interview with Stuart Rothenberg of CQ Politics:

The main Republican contender currently is Terrence Wall, a prosperous real estate developer who put $300,000 into his campaign but hasn’t paid state taxes in nine of the past 10 years. Democrats apparently have other tax ammunition to use against Wall.

When I interviewed Wall recently, he refused to give his date of birth. He only offered the year of his birth (and his age), apparently because he is concerned about identity theft. Wall, in other words, has a long way to go before he is a serious threat to Feingold, even in a bad year for Democrats.

As Xoff from Uppity Wisconsin points out, a Google cache of Wall’s Facebook page shows Wall’s date of birth is June 4, 1964, but seeing as how Wall has subsequently removed his date of birth from his Facebook page, how do we really know when Wall was born? Perhaps it’s time, as Xoff notes, for a Terrence Wall “birther” movement, because Wisconsin’s voters deserve answers, and they deserve the truth!

(That last little bit was humor, in case you couldn’t tell)


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9 thoughts on “What does Terrence Wall have to hide?

  1. I’m not saying he was born on June 4, but if it’s not true, why have we not heard a denial of the rumors? Terrence should just come out and denounce it already. I mean, really? Is it that hard to put the rumors to bed? All he has to say is, “I’m Terrence Wall, and I was born on June 4.” That’s it. That’s all he has to do, but he hasn’t done it. It worries me. Hey, I’m just asking the question. Is he doing this just to overwhelm the system? I don’t know, I’m just asking the question. Can you believe it? I just love my country. And it’s all designed to overwhelm the system.

    1. I think we deserve to see his birth certificate, so we can know for certain when he was born. Wisconsin’s voters deserve to know.

  2. This conversation sounds very similar to one that was had regarding our current president during his campaign. All we as voters wanted was the truth and we never got it. Its truly ironic that when the tables are turned, so does the response. When voters asked for similar verification from our current president, those requests were denied. Why? What does he have to hide? What I really don’t understand is why this is such a pressing issue. In regards to the tax problems that Mr. Wall may have encountered, is this not the pot calling the kettle black? The last time I checked, our current administration is comprised of several individuals who has some significant discrepancies when it comes to their taxes. I guess whats good for one is not good for all!

    1. A birther? Are you serious? “All we as voters wanted was the truth and we never got it.”




      So how are those request denied again? Do you actually think the Presidents people are going to let every American citizen touch his birth certificate?

      Zach, I believe this topic should now be labeled under “Those Kooky Conservatives!”

      1. I dont think that we were asking for a copy! We were merely asking to confirm the information we were being given. Much like you are asking for here!

  3. Well Zach, we obviously do not share the same type of humor. When you are attempting to diminish the character of an individual, you should really ensure that you are putting all the information out. I was really expecting a more significant response from you on this topic!

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