At least Walker’s “Brown Bag” gimmick still has a few fans

Despite the fact that Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Walke’s “Brown Bag” fundraising campaign has been exposed as a recycled gimmick from a campaign in Ohio in 1998, Walker’s “Brown Bag Movement” still has at least two fans. As The Chief notes, conservative blogger Aaron Rodriguez is furiously spinning Walker’s “Brown Bag Movement” as proof Walker will be frugal as governor, despite evidence to the contrary. As The Chief notes, words have to match deeds – if they don’t, it’s called lying.

Scott Walker’s “Brown Bag Movement” also has a fan in Kyle “North Shore Exponent” Maichle, who created and posted what can only be categorized as an uber-creepy love video on YouTube expressing his undying support for the “Brown Bag Movement.” Seriously….the video is both painful to watch and tremendously entertaining, so check it out!


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