Jon Stewart’s take on progressives

Watch as Jon Stewart shares his thoughts on progressives and the conservative reaction to health care reform:

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10 thoughts on “Jon Stewart’s take on progressives

  1. But what you really mean by “progressive” is L-I-B-E-R-A-L. Why does the left always have a problem using the “L” word that they have to come up with different identifiers?

    As for John Stewart, while at times can be amusing, the smarmy/superior thing gets a little old. I can’t believe I sat through this entire clip and feel dumber for having done so. One more reason validating why I don’t watch cable TV.

  2. “Why does the left always have a problem using the “L” word that they have to come up with different identifiers?” We have no problem with it.

    What you failed to notice was this post was about “Jon Stewarts’ take on progressives.” The video then went into that discussion.

    “…and feel dumber for having done so.” Stop being so elitist you liberal.

    1. Sorry, I don’t understand much of your reponse. What is the difference between a liberal and a progressive?

      I noticed what the post was about and I don’t think John Stewart had a take on anything, other than mocking Beck who was criticizing progressism. Stewart minimized the link between the progressive agenda and socialism, which led me to the thought about why those on the left like to use other identifiers like “progressive” rather than “liberal.”

      I am an elitist and a liberal for not finding the humor or entertainment value in a particular comedy bit? I don’t get your reference, but apprently Anon found it funny.

      1. “But what you really mean by “progressive” is L-I-B-E-R-A-L.” Are you saying zach should have had a different title? Even though the video clip is about how stewart is making fun of beck being against progressives?

        Beck was saying how progressives are ruining this country. But what about womens sufrage/social security/medicare/equal rights? I believe those were all “progressive” or liberal ideas.

        The conservative mantra has been liberals are elitist because they think they are so smart. You obviously thought you were smart before watching the clip, otherwise it wouldn’t have made you “dumber” for watching it. Hence the “elitist liberal” joke.

        1. No I wasn’t being critical of Zach about using “progressive” in the title. Like I said, the clip just reminded me of how high-minded liberals use the term “progressive” instead of using “liberal” and I openly wondered what the difference was between the two (still wondering)and why this is the case. I don’t think you see too many conservatives run away from their identifier.

          Wow you have to go back to womens suffrage and equal rights for a good liberal idea? I mean sure in 1850 if I was against slavery and that made me a “liberal”, fine, but what relevance does that have today? Are you suggesting modern conservatism would roll back suffrage and equal rights? Don’t forget it took a majority of Republican votes to pass the 1964 Civil Rights Act. As for Social Security and Medicare, they may have been good in their day but how effective are they today on the same scale with modern investing and retirement plans and health care system. And don’t forget they are now insolvent. While popular with the public, how good are these programs for the long-term health of the country?

          Modern conservatism is about limited government, rule of law, economic freedom, and individual freedom coupled with personal responsibility. All items on the agenda flow out of those ideals.
          Is it possible to sum up liberalism/progressivism as succinctly?

          1. I would rather use liberal ideas that were passed as examples of progressivism. Progress doesn’t happen quickly, I shouldn’t have to tell you that. How long were people marching for womens suffrage and equal rights before laws were passed?

            I would suggest you look to what the governor did in VA as an example of the “rolling back equal rights” you were looking for.

            As far as social security and medicare, who many people depend on the two currently versus those who have IRAs and 401(k)s? The modern form of retirement saving my be a better substitute, however, you need to take the current population into consideration before you start discussing efficiency.

            I can think of a couple example that go against your modern conservative principles: Patriot Act, stimulus funds, SC governor trips to argentina.

          2. There’s a difference between progressives and liberals, and there’s no shortage of resources on the intertubes explaining the difference between the two.

          3. Social Security vs. modern investing and retirement accounts? You actually think most people aren’t going to rely on social security? I think IRAs and 401(k)s will supplement social security for more people than the other way around. And investing is better? How much of a whack did your IRA or 401(k) take in 2007 – 2009? Mine is just back to even…so I am still net in the red.

            And you could nearly ‘solve’ social security’s ‘insolvency’ by lifting the annual salary cap and I bet it wouldn’t cost anyone on this board a penny.

  3. ““…and feel dumber for having done so.” Stop being so elitist you liberal.”


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