“Lots of people in Washington” want Thompson to run for the U.S. Senate

Tommy Thompson
According to a recent story in POLITICO, Tommy Thompson spokesperson and colleague at Akin/Gump, one of Washington D.C.’s largest lobbying firms, “lots of people in Washington” want Tommy to run for U.S. Senate against Sen. Russ Feingold this year. According to the same story, Thompson has collected over $200,000 in pledges for a potential campaign, and reports have also surfaced that another Washington D.C. lobbyist is buying potential website domains for Thompson. As Mike Tate, Chairman of the DPW noted in a recent press release, it’s no surprise that lobbyists would rather see one of their own representing Wisconsin in the U.S. Senate, given Sen. Feingold’s “strong record of independence taking on lobbyists and politics as usual in Washington.”

While a run by Tommy Thompson might make lobbyists in Washington D.C. happy, such a run would undoubtedly open up a whole new can of worms for Thompson, who’d have to open his financial records to public scrutiny, something which hasn’t really worked out well for one of Thompson’s potential Republican opponents, Terrence Wall.


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5 thoughts on ““Lots of people in Washington” want Thompson to run for the U.S. Senate

  1. Of course they’d love Tommy in DC…they’d love another Senator they can push around.

  2. I guess folks liked the 500.00 dollar minimum contribution to get to see the Gov. Dems would welcome this incompetant crook as the thug candidate.

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